How starting your own business is like competing in professional sports



As kids, we look up to athletes, fantasizing about being in their shoes, in all their moments of glory. But as we imagine them in all their greatness, what we don’t think about is the enormous amount of dedication, willpower and the unforeseen events that they had to overcome to achieve success.

Strangely enough, this same phenomenon occurs when we look up to business owners.

Just like athletes, entrepreneurs have a coveted acquired skill (can you build an electric car tomorrow a la Tesla? I certainly can’t…). But most importantly, they have the same grit, drive and determination that we don’t always hear about. This tenacity is what enables them to surpass the competition and create hugely successful companies. Think of how Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has dominated every industry he enters while dozens of companies struggle to find success in just one. His achievements are no accident.

People want the grand end results, but they don’t think about all the grueling steps involved or take into consideration all the unpredictable roadblocks along the way. Everybody wants to be like Steve Jobs or Richard Branson, but not everyone wants to put in the hard work and obsession-like resolve to get there.

It turns out that running a business — and all of the stress and mental anxiety — is similar to that feeling you get when you push yourself past your breaking point while working out. It’s akin to that nauseous, can’t-make-it-any-further-without-dying feeling. (Trust me, I know from first-hand experience.)

When you decide to run your own business, it’s like you’re choosing to become a professional athlete —you will work hard, you will fight with every ounce of your being, and yes, you might just get sick. The good news? It is ALL worth it if you love what you do.

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